Cashback Pool

The first staking pool sharing its own rewards with delegators: cashback for the community!
Stake your ADA with us and help us let you get more rewards, perks and cool features.


Experienced team

We are a group with a dedicated tech team with more than 23 years of experience in IT architectures, networking, system security and administration

24/7 monitoring

Dedicated bare metal machines with redundancies monitored 24/7, hosted in a high bandwidth datacenter, currently 99.98% uptime

Cashback from our pool rewards

Stake with us and earn 20% value of our pool rewards!
Our pool earns 1000 ₳? 200 ₳ of value will be distributed to our active delegators

Long-term commitment

We're working on long-term projects that will support and expand our pool offerings and maximize delegators' returns


We're working on different solutions and projects that will let anyone interact not only in the digital but also in the real world, providing value in the process.


Pool setup & going live

Deployment and management of a stable, automated and secure staking pool. Our staking pool system is now optimized, working reliably and active on the Cardano blockchain since 12 November 2020.


Initially, while we're creating and developing the services, we will give 20% of our rewards to our delegators, on top of the default blockchain rewards.

First services

An online tool will be deployed on the website to keep track of all the rewards for each delegator that has, is and will stake his/her own ADA on our pool. This will let us make every reward distribution automatic and simplify every future service.

Native tokens

We will create and distribute a native token on the Cardano blockchain that will be useable on our ecosystem.

Cashback ecosystem

We will release the last pieces of our ecosystem that will let delegators and non delegators to keep, stake, earn, use our tokens and exchange them in a seamless fashion between the digital and real world.

Stake with us

Pool ID


Pool Tax
1% + 340 ₳


You can earn ADA staking with us and receiving the default network rewards (around 5% annually on your staked ADA) plus our pool additional rewards!

Staking with Cashback pool [CBACK] gives you more ADA! From all our rewards, the pool operator rewards, we will give 20% to our delegators that are active and receiving rewards in each epoch. This means that if we receive 1000 ₳, we will give back 200 ₳, split by percentages of delegation between all the delegator who received rewards in that epoch from the network.

Go to How to stake for more info, or if you know already what to do, go here

Cashback pool has a minimal 1% fee on rewards + a 340 ₳ fixed fee. The fixed fee is the minimum required fee by the network and is split among all delegators rewards.
For example, if the total of rewards the delegators should receive is 50k ₳, 340 ₳ will be deducted from that amount and the remainder will be given to delegators. In the example total rewards will be 49660 ₳.

Cardano rewards are distributed every 5 days if the pool generates blocks. The 5 days period is called epoch. After the first delegation, there's a snapshot at the beginning of the next epoch. After an other epoch the amount is used and after an other epoch the rewards are calculated. Distribution will be at the beginning of the next epoch.
Just an example:
Epoch A -> Epoch B -> Epoch C -> Epoch D -> Epoch E
Delegation is made in Epoch A.
At beginning of epoch B delegated amount is saved.
In epoch C the delegated amount is accounted in the total stake.
In epoch D rewards are calculated.
In epoch E rewards are distributed.
So there are at least 15 days to wait the first time a delegation is made.

Cashback pool rewards are distributed with the same schedule of the Cardano blockchain.
If rewards are too small and the fee for a transaction brings the amount to less than 1 ₳, that amount will be carried over the next epoch reward distribution.
This is temporary and will change in the future with improvements on the whole Cashback pool ecosystem.

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